Diwali in India: Where and why to visit India for Diwali celebration


Diwali in India: Where and why to visit India for Diwali celebration

Are you a fan of Indian culture and its festivals? Would you like to be a part of the most celebrated festival in India? If you are nodding yes to these questions, then it's time to zip up your backpack as you will celebrate Diwali with your Indian friends.


Diwali, a word originated from Sanskrit, which means a row of lights. As the legends have it, this five-day festival celebrated in India as the homecoming of Lord Rama, Sita (his wife), and Laxman (his brother) from their 14 years of a long exile. The mythology books and the legends say that people of Ayodhya were the first ones to light Diyas to welcome their King Rama, who defeated Ravana

Some other Indians also believe that it is an auspicious occasion to celebrate the marriage of Lord Vishnu and Lakshmi. Not only have that, in West Bengal, people celebrated Diwali to worship Goddess Kali, who is a Goddess of power and energy. Diwali also marks the beginning of the financial year in India. So people usually buy new stuff for the decoration of their home and wear new clothes or buy gifts to celebrate it with their loved ones. 

Why should you visit India for Diwali?

You might imagine India as a place filled with colors and sparkles. Well, your imagination is right, but the best time to witness its vibrancy is in Diwali. Indians celebrate the festival of Diwali in the month of either October or November, and at this time of the year the whole country lit up with lamps, lighting, and fireworks, which makes it the most magical time of the year to travel to India. 

Not to mention, but besides the lighting and sparkles, you will also get to admire the different cultural activities all around the country. The festival itself is so diverse that it doesn't matter wherever you go, you will get to experience the practicing of different rituals, faith, and beliefs. But with these differences, you'll find one common thing- and that is the belief of evil concurred by goodness, and light triumphs over darkness.


The most common rituals on how to celebrate Diwali in India are-

Temples- At the time of Diwali, you will get to encounter the flock of worshipers in the Hindu temples all around the country. Whether it is Amritsar's Golden temple or other temples from Rajasthan to Kerala, each of them will glow brightly for the occasion. You can also attend the Lakshmi Pooja held in temples. 

Rangoli- You will not only find the great light-game in India during Diwali but also the vibrant colors of Rangoli, which is one of the main highlights of Diwali rituals. It is very photogenic and takes hours of crafting. Rangolis usually made from colored sands, rice, flower petals, or powders- also decorated with Diyas for the final touches. If you are an artist, then you must go for Rangoli making- it can be quite meditative. 

*Other traditional rituals include getting a Mehndi (henna tattoo) on your palm. 

Places to Visit-

On this 5-day festival, visitors get a lot of options to celebrate the charms of Diwali by roaming around in the different cities of the country. But if you are planning a trip to India for Diwali, you must not skip these places that celebrate Diwali.



In the eternal city of India, and on the banks of the Ganga, Varanasi has its unique style of celebrating Diwali. You can start your best Diwali tour in Varanasi by bustling in bazaars, taking a bath in the holy Ganges, and enjoying the traditional clothes along with a wide variety of sweets. Here, you can take a boat ride in the river and capture some magnificent shots of a thousand glimmering lamps and Diyas. The pinnacle of the festivities is the super display of firecrackers. And if you plan to stay longer, you can take part in the Dev Deepavali (Diwali of Gods). People celebrate it here as a part of the iconic Ganga Mahotsav Festival



The pink city of Jaipur set the Diwali festival in a manner that you cannot skip it from your to-listed. As the Diwali celebrations start from Dhanteras, many famous landmarks and sights in Jaipur will take your breath away. The breath-taking list also includes the Nahargarh Fort- as this imperial fort offers a glorious view after the sunset, using its light. Not just that, but also the city bazaars are flooding with musicians playing the folk favorites. In the markets, you can get to shop some attractive handicrafts, lamps, and other artifacts as souvenirs. 



Diwali in Amritsar considered a holy festival. For Sikhs, it is a Bandi Chorh Divas as people celebrate the liberation of their 6th guru- Guru Hargobind Sahib from prison. The people of Amritsar offer special prayers or Kirtans throughout the city. They also light up the Golden temple magnificently. The significant highlights of celebrating Diwali in Amritsar is the chilly weather, astonishing Mustard (Sarson) fields, and the sumptuous local cuisine that will leave you licking your fingers every time.



Kolkata- 'the city of Joy' is true to its name as it celebrates Diwali like none other. Like every other city in India during Diwali, Kolkata also has a special touch to it. Here people celebrate the most famous Kali Pooja. Kali is a Goddess of Power and energy in Hindu mythology. The believers of Kali worship her, and you can witness their detailed offerings to the Goddess which include- fish, meat, sweets, and flowers. The entire city shines bright with dazzling lights, Diyas, candles, and lamps. You can also admire the spectacular grand finale of the fireworks in almost every street of Kolkata. 

*With each city mentioned above, you can also travel to Goa, Madurai, Hampi, Mumbai, Manali, and Coorg, among others, to make a great Diwali Story while enjoying the high-spirited Diwali festival.

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