Mihir Garh, Rajasthan


Mihir Garh, Rajasthan

At the end of October 2009, Mihir Garh- 'Fort of the sun,' rose like a formidable fortress. It was a 12-year-old dream come true for Prince Siddharth and his wife Rashmi, which is now one of the world's most luxurious hotels. Nestled in the most Spartan of surrounding in Marwan, this opulent fort offers Rajasthani antiques, vivid decorative art, and elegant furnishing to behold. With its high-end royalty treatment, Mihir Garh has been a generous host to elusive celebrities like- Madonna, Robert Plant, and David Cameron. This hotel sets in the heart of the Thar Desert and has nine luxury suites- 6 Alishaan suites and 3 Shandaar suites, and all-surpassing 1,700 square feet in size. And as per having some fun activities, you can indulge in Riding Safaris (Siddharth's favorite sport), Royal picnics, and Shikhar dinner along with Equestrian Program and Culinary workshops. Mihir Garh is true to its heritage and a perfect host as it gives you everything you need and more.



Mihir Garh, set in the middle of the Thar Desert, gives utter peace and isolation from the rest of the world. So if you are running from the city lights, this could be the perfect getaway to achieve some 'Me-time.' This fort is 64 kilometers away from Jodhpur, 18 kilometers away from Rohet Garh, 12 kilometers away from the Railway Station, and 3 kilometers away from the Bus Station. And it’s 350 kilometers away if you’re traveling from Jaipur to Mihir Garh. The hotel can arrange a 50-minutes car transfer from the airport or the railway station. 



The accommodation in the Mihir Garh fort is a complete example of living in a paradox. It gives you all the modern amenities in a place known for traditionalism. From soft, stylish furniture to the unique plaster technique done on the flooring, Mihir Garh is a sheer indulgence amidst the vast wilderness. 

At this luxurious hotel, you will find two types of magnificent suites- 4 Alishaan suites and 3 Shandaar suites. Alishaan suites are suitable to stay in summer as it sets on the ground floor. In this suite, you will get a private space of 1,700 square feet, where you can enjoy the plunge pool and a personal courtyard. The Shandaar suites are best to stay in winter seasons as the setting of the suites locates on the first floor of the fort. Here in winters, you can enjoy the warm private Jacuzzi along with a private terrace to admire the perfect sunsets. 

As the owner, Siddharth implements, the designing of this beautiful luxury hotel carefully curated by his wife Rashmi, from the color schemes and combinations to the last door-knob and curtain holder. And not just that, all suites have antique teak beds, air-cons, TVs, DVDs, tea and coffee stations along with minibars and locally created fireplace. It gives an exquisite experience like one of the city palaces in this part of the state. 

All the bedrooms open into a spectacular sitting room with a desert view to behold. The bathrooms in the suites are super spacious with mod cons, separate showers, double basins, and a complete range of luxurious toiletries. And throughout the hotel, you will find social spaces including colorful open-sided lounges, and an astonishing drawing room with a library. 


Sumptuous cuisine-

Your royal tour to India would be incomplete without tasting the delicacies of Indian cuisine. The culinary staff at Mihir Garh knows that the Indian menu can be Greek to the westerners, so they discuss your preferences before coming up with a list for each meal. Mihir Garh's kitchen run by the local chefs who have training in international cuisines rather than the grandmasters of cookery. The reason behind this is to provide you the authentic local Rajasthani dishes with a touch of your homeland dishes.

For breakfast, the settings beautifully laid beside the pool where you can have a kick-start to the spicy scrambled eggs, puris, parathas, radish, potato, etc. And for the American-style, you can have a delicious spread of fruit platter, cereal, toast, yogurt, eggs in any style, crispy bacon, etc.

For lunch, you can pick up the 'Royal picnic' to re-live in the past as they set it under an ornate tent pitched only for you by a small lake. There you can listen to live traditional music with birds chirping and watch the occasional passing herd of sheep guided by a shepherd.  

And for dinner, go for the Sikhar dinner by Mihir Garh, where you can enjoy your meal under the dim moonlight of the great Indian desert, Thar Desert. Here you can relish on your spicy chicken soup, fish and meat kababs with rice and vegetables including the crackling of the bonfire and Rajasthani folk music.



The Mihir Garh fort curated in a way that you can enjoy and explore the local life of Rajasthan. Visit Rajasthan to experience the rich heritage and culture of this Indian state. With its beautiful sand dunes, princely states, world heritage site, and camel safari, Rajasthan tourism offers perhaps the best of all. There are some signature experiences that you should try before going back to your regular routines.

The Village Safaris- the Rajasthani experience is dull without knowing its land and people. So the village safari at Mihir Garh is a signature program where the guests enabled to explore the rural Rajasthan. On this safari, you can explore the little mud houses, shy beautiful women under their ghunghats (veil), and turban clad men. You can also get acquainted with the Bishnois, who protected nature for over 500 years.

Equestrian Program- this program at Mihir Garh is among the finest in the country as the owner, Siddharth is very passionate about the horses. The best thing about this is that you have the freedom to ride the most excellent Marwari breed of horses into the vast, virgin wilderness. 

Bird-watching- nature lovers ought to bring out their binoculars along with their cameras to enjoy this activity. Winter is the best time for this activity as you can spot 200 different species of birds

Cooking workshops- you can also experience the culinary workshops and demonstrations of the recipes prepared by the owner's mother- Late Thakurani Sahiba Jayenda Kumari.

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