Rawla Narlai, Rajasthan


Rawla Narlai, Rajasthan

Rawla Narlai, a diligently restored and retreated 17th-century hunting lodge of the Royal family, is now one of the popular heritage hotels in the area Narlai, Rajasthan. En route Ranakpur in Rajasthan, this hotel sets in the heart of Aravalli Hills. With courteous staff, rooms of spectacular opulence and dinner at the ancient step-well under the stars make it a generous host amongst travelers.


Location and surroundings-

Away from the hustle and bustle of the surrounding cities, Rawla Narlai offers peace and serene beauty for travelers. With 115 kilometers away from Udaipur131 kilometers from Jodhpur and a drive of over two-and-a-half hours for both places, Jodhpur and Udaipur, Rawla Narlai becomes the best place to stay for a while.

As for the surroundings, Rawla Narlai is a neighboring one of the oldest villages in India. A town where women still practice Purdah (covering the face) with their Ghunghats (veil) and wear huge Chudas (Bangles) to express their marital values. While men wear Pagdis (Turban), Dhoti-Kurta and walk with such passion that sums it all as a picturesque scene. 



Thousands of years ago, Lord Shiva used to do his meditation on a granite monolith. Known as Jaikalji by his followers and eventually, the mountain got its name as Jaikal Parvat (Mountain). Next to the hill is Rawla Narlai, a heritage resort that belonged to the Royal family of Jodhpur. In the 17th century, it refurbished and renovated by Maharaja Swaroop Singhji and Rani Usha into its original theme. Later, their children Maharaja Ragvindar and Maharaja Suryaveer took on the restoring of the property and did a tremendous job in containing both traditional and modern art.



Rawla Narlai has excellent facilities to provide travelers across the globe. While entering the resort, the staff will treat you well with the welcome drinks after your long journey.

The original section of the fort is mesmerizing for the 21st-century traveler. The exquisite rooms and decor of this section ooze a lot of love and character. And at night, they lit pretty lights, candles and a wood fire in the area to create a friendly environment. 

The Rawla Pool and the Narlai Spa beside it are both the temptation hard to resist. Apart from the beautifully themed 32 rooms, the hotel also provides free Wi-Fi, Room service, J Bar, Restaurant, Laundry, Parking, Spa and Pool.


Interior and staff-

Rawla Narlai is about two legends- A man and his creation. The rooms of this hotel are the real testament of impressive craftsmanship. The construction of the classic heritage by the local craftsmen started over 300 years ago, and now it is a sight to relish. These are the masterpieces of the heritage resort and a perfect den for true admirers of antiquity. 

From the Jharokhas (window) of your room, you can capture a picturesque scene of the shadow of a giant boulder and overlook the surroundings of the village. The toiletries and shower space is another essential part of the rooms. 

The staff is exceptionally courteous and looks after every minor need of the guests; giving them a royal experience. The hospitality of the team plays a significant part in your stay. The whole experience is overwhelming in a way that you would not want to leave.



The major part of the stay in this resort is the Narlai sightseeing organized by the hotel. 

The Wildlife Safari-

This organized activity lets you explore the authenticity of Narlai. Starting early in the morning, get on a gypsy ride with some binoculars, and if you are lucky, you may spot one or two leopards on your way on leopard safari. The whole experience of Rajasthan tourism is thrilling and memorable. 

Horse Riding-

Rawla also organizes this activity for those who desire to ride on horseback and explore the rocky ranges of Mount Abu, hill station like regions, and plain terrain of Narlai. Nearby the hotel is a stable that houses pure Marwani horses, also known as the mounts of the royalty. This guided horse riding lets you enjoy the beautiful sites and scenes of the town along with the rugged countryside.

Lake Visits-

four-kilometer vast lake that attracts a bird flock makes it a worthwhile site. Through the dusty roads of the town, the gypsy ride will take you to the nearby lake for a sunset to behold. While inhaling the calm and peaceful environment, the sandwiches and chai (tea) is a must-have. It will surely enhance the blissful experience.

Apart from these, the tourists also opt for some of the unique activities like elephant hill walk, village walk, camel safari, and cave temple visit. Together they make Rawla Narlai a must-visit property.


Rustic Dining-

Rawla Narlai restaurant has plenty of options for your dining, but the best experience that outgrows all the great experience on your stay at Rawla Narlai will be the 'Baori' (Stepwell) dinner. It is the most exclusive highlight of the property. A step-well that will take you back in the 7th-century, when people used to collect water during the monsoon. With hundreds of flickering 'Dias' (small oil lamps), folk music in the background and a traditional Rajasthani menu, you will bag (without a doubt) this incredible surprise home.

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